MEET THE gh0ul

Hello there!

I'll cut to the chase, my name is "gh0ul". That's not my given name, but it's my chosen name.

I've been on the InterNet for as long as I can really remember. I don't want to throw out the phrase "raised online" - there's bound to be some negative connotations to it - but regardless from a very young age I was perusing the streets online and finding all manner of strange and wonderful places to spend my time.

As a child - from about the time I was 8 years old onward - I was always obsessed with videos. Specifically making them. Some of the fondest memories of my young life centered around spending days after school or on weekends grabbing my shitty little RCA Small Wonder camera and fucking off to some corner of the yard or the edge of the woods to try and make something for a little YouTube channel that time has forgotten. It was fun - but it was that website's decline and spiral into the shitheap that it is today that sent me on a years long trek trying to find new grounds to stomp.

Over the years I've seen a lot, ran into a lot of strange people, seen websites rise and fall overnight - and I've had enough different aliases to fill a damn novel - but I've finally found a combination of a few sites that I enjoy being on, and visiting them gives me that childlike hope for the future that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

This is why I'm here, and this is why I only ever upload my stuff to a Mega file and VidLii. I like fun things, and NeoCities nad VidLii are fun.

As such, enjoying the fun in life and trying my damnedest to shun the things that aren't fun is a key character trait of mine - one which, I'll admit - wasn't always there. You won't ever find me ranting and raving about politics, modern events, shit in the news, celebrity bullshit, or anything like that because all of that is dumb, and it's boring, and it's not fun, and it rots the heart, the soul, and the brain like you wouldn't believe.

It might be obvious, the shit that I do like is horror movies or horror adjacent stuff. I've been on a major zombie kick for a hot minute - that contributed to me using the tarman as my emblem - that and TROTLD being the only good horror movie I know that takes place in Kentucky, my home state - I'm also really into The Walking Dead. Never read the comics, might at some point, but the show kicks ass and it's half of what I talk about with my buddies at this point. Project Zomboid also fucks like no tomorrow.

If we're talking music I really do listen to a lot of everything, I got shit on my phone ranging from old Doo-Wop songs you'd hear in Fallout to songs about Juggalos fighting Brokensyde fans in an apocalyptic war to end all wars. If we're narrowing shit down though, I mainly stick to Punk music. I probably like The Misfits the most, much bigger fan of Danzig era than Graves or Jerry era, but Graves and Jerry era had a couple of decent songs here and there. A couple other ones I got in the rotation worth noting though are The Queers, The Jasons, Blitzkid, Stiff Little Fingers, Screeching Weasel, The Lillingtons, The Riverdales, and Less Than Jake - you can never go wrong with some Less Than Jake.

I don't have any social media because it rots the brain and really why would I? Shit's dumb, it's a time sink, and I really don't need to know what everyone's going crazy about in a given week.

Regail yourself in the rotten flesh of years gone by, and march with me towards a brighter tomorror.


last updated: 01/29/2023