Jeezum crow it's been a hot minute.

Sorry about that, adult shit and what not. Got a steady job that takes upwards of 37 hours a week consistently.

I've got so many damn projects on the books right now that it ain't even funny. Lots and lots of writing, lots and lots of planning, if I talk about any of it here I won't ever finish any of it though.

Probably the biggest thing in the last like year or so is that my buddies pulled together and got an LLC for producing some shit, so if and when I make anything we'll be putting it out via an actual company, meaning that the solo gh0ul days are numbered if not already over. This is a good thing though.

I will almost certainly link my shit here when I get around to it. Sorry for the lack of updates, there are months where nothing happens and then weeks when years happen these days.

Also I'm aware most of the links to the VidLii archives of my shit is just broken, I have come to realize that site is fucked and I'm trying to work on some workarounds for it, might just bite the bullet and upload to YT and link back here so the embeds don't die on me, hate that site though.


last updated: 02/07/2024