What I Believe

It's been a long time coming.

I first wrote "US and THEM", my original "Manifesto", with the intent of outlining in as vague and unspecific terms as possible, the people that I believe have turned the InterNet into a shithole that isn't fun anymore - one which actively seeks to destroy fun for some type of gain - be it financial or otherwise.

I was stewing in a mix of vitriol and vigorous optimism when I wrote it, about 10 months ago. I had some delusion - the same delusion I think a lot of people on NeoCities have in their heads - that they could say something that hasn't already been said, that could change someone's mind and "bring them back" to a Web that they'd be welcome on.

I realized, over the course of a few months, that in writing "US and THEM" as vaguely as I had, that I hadn't really said anything. The pointed criticisms I have of the way things are - and how they contrast when compared to the way things should be - required a lot more fleshing out. So I spent the better part of six months trying to write it all down, in as concise and efficient a manner as possible.

Now, sitting here, with the notepad file open and the finished Manifesto written up, I realize that I'm doing the same thing that lead to a lot of the issues that we're facing today online - taking it seriously.

I'm not some revolutionary, I'm not some leader, I'm not some strategist seeking to lead people in offenses against the powers that be. I'm a jackass with a camera and a keyboard, and chances are so are you.

So here's my new manifesto, one that's short, sweet, and to the point.

Make. It doesn't matter what, just make. If you're afraid of being mocked for it, make it in secret. Regardless, make.

The constant noise can rot your brain, stay away from it if you can. What's going on halfway across the world doesn't concern you or me, so there's not much need to sit and get mad about it. Not your monkeys, not your circus.

Lighten up a little. All that gloom and doom shit will kill you. Have a shit and a cigarette and move on.

The InterNet that we used to love might be dead, but so are zombies - so pick your ass up, regail yourself in the rotten flesh of years gone by, and shamble towards a brighter tomorrow with me.

last updated: 03/20/2023